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Intriguing, insightful, and delivers a much needed dose of honesty. I really enjoyed this film. The message delivered here is one that I have been preaching all of my adult life. This is truly a must see! It greatly documents the struggle we black conservatives face to protect and defend our communities.
Posted By: Antoine Pearson
Conservative/Libertarian Blogger at RadicalGOP, Memphis,TN
Every elected Republican official should see this documentary. The conservative values of many African Americans make them a natural constituency for the Republican Party and this film will bring to light the obstacles established by Republicans which are hurting the Party in its efforts to attract such voters.
Posted By: Councilman David Kenny (R)
Hamilton, NJ
The movie, Fear of a Black Republican, gets right to a point that has concerned my committee for some time. Has there really been a serious outreach from the Republican Party to the minority community as it relates to registration, voting and participation. The black community was an important component of the Republican Party from it's inception. Today, not so much. This documentary uses many points of view to address the question, why has there been so little serious outreach. I would highly recommend this movie for anyone who cares about America. As it relates to the Republican Party, I would make it mandatory viewing for all Republican Precinct Committeemen who are interested in a successful Republican Party future.
Posted By: Rev. Clyde Bowen
Chairman, Arizona American African Republican Committee, Phoenix, Arizona
This is a terrific documentary by Kevin and Tamara Williams. I write this testimonial four days after the 2012 election and it is clear that the issues brought up in "The Fear of a Black Republican" are more timely than ever. As a progressive Democrat, I think it is critically important that we have at least two viable major political parties (although three might work pretty well also).

Given the present trajectory of the National Republican Party, we are on our way to one-party control which is not a healthy situation. Uncontested power always corrupts and we need the a loyal and vibrant opposition to provide appropriate checks and balances.

Thanks Kevin and Tamara for an important contribution!
Posted By: Peter Wise
Cranbury, NJ
Kevin and Tamara, I did not see your documentary coming from the title, but this is my story and I want to thank you for telling it. All that I can say about your film was that I was personally invested from the very beginning to the very end. Thank you for putting your time, money and effort where your mouth is. Your actions most definitely spoke louder than any words.
Posted By: Granny Major
Kansas City MO
I had the pleasure of hosting a film screening of this movie at the Women's National Republican Club in New York City. When I first heard about the film, I welcomed the idea of using this movie to spark conversation about a topic rarely spoken of: the presence of black Republicans in the political system. True to its tagline, the film did a great job chronicling the history of blacks in the Republican party and how they are treated by their peers. It is amazing to me that assumptions and stigmas are still placed on people based solely on race. Isn't this what Americans have been fighting for decades? More than anything, that message resonated with me the loudest. I think the Republican party is the right party for everyone; this movie helped reinforce that idea and also points out the truth of how ignoring this demographic because it is not stereotypically supportive only hurts the party in the long run. Great work, Kevin and Tamara! I look forward to your next project!
Posted By: Pamela Schiess
Chair, Film Committee, Women's National Republican Club, New York, New York
This is a fascinating documentary. It should be mandatory viewing for all minority voters, as well as all members of the RNC. The film documents the history of the relationship between black america and the GOP. It does an excellent job analyzing the challenges faced by black republicans within the party, as well as challenges faced by the GOP. The filmmaker sticks tightly to the facts and tells a story that deserves to be told.
Posted By: Karl Douhlas
Long Island, NY1217D
This film is a must see. It is well researched and right on target with regards to race relations and politics in America. It speaks volumes about the void in the Republican strategy to include American blacks in their rank and file. The cast list of this film represents the "Who's Who" in Republican politics the last decade and clearly reflects the film producer efforts to get it right. This film is a must see for anyone who wants to be informed about the American electorate and the future of the Republican party
Posted By: John Patrick
Dallas, Texas
I will never be a Republican. But this movie is a must see. A good well balanced historical look at the two party system from a black perpective....
Posted By: Lloyd francis
san francisco
This is an entertaining and informative documentary on a topic whose time has come. I admire the director's commitment to covering his subject with balance and integrity, and the wide range of interviewees across the political spectrum that he was able to interview.
Posted By: Curt Markham
Rochester, NY

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